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Looking for health news you can use that will make you smile?

Reach your audience with Health-e headlines ™ Consumer Health News Service—no ink, no paper and not a penny of postage. This timely, regular news service hits your Inbox with solid news stories, written by professionals, selected from credible, original sources.

Just cut and paste onto your intranet, company website, include in daily email messages, print, post or mail hard copies. Customize with your company or organizational info to create a truly tailored health message.

Cost for the Consumer Health News Service is so affordable (just $169 a year for 12 monthly feeds of 20 stories, that’s 240 stories a year), you won’t believe it. That’s just pennies per reader—you do the math. Click for a FREE sample issue with absolutely no obligation.

What’s great about Health-e headlines™?

  • Much more affordable than printed newsletters. This is NOT canned clipart or stale handout materials. You get headline health stories from trusted original sources. Written by experienced health journalists.
  • Timely. Convenient. Easy to use.
  • No retyping necessary. No rewriting. No copyright problems because you’re a subscriber.
  • Perfect complement to your company’s wellness program.

What you’ll read in every issue

We bring your employees what they need—short, hard-hitting news facts to help them become smart health care consumers. Period.

Health-e headlines—an electronic news service—brings you …

  • Actionable, understandable, short health articles.
  • Big-time findings published in major research journals, interpreted so your employees won’t have to ask, “How does this affect me?”

A word about our sources

We tap into original sources exclusively to gather our health information. Who better than the original researcher, government agency or health-serving organization to provide trusted health items? You won’t find Good Housekeeping or The New York Times listed as a source for any health information. They simply are not original, credible sources.

Need a custom story on a particular topic?

Just ask. If we have one in our archives, we’ll shoot it to you for just a minimal redistribution fee. Want a special story or profile written exclusively for your organization? Just ask. Our health writers take on special assignments and can provide affordable top-quality, first-rate information from our expert sources.

Looking for content for your website?

We can license screen-length articles to you for long-term inclusion on your health website. General topic areas include exercise, self-care, nutrition, weight management, disease states, stress, worklife, women’s health, men’s health, family health care, kids’ health, elder care, wise prescription med use, and much more. Licensing fees for public use are incredibly affordable and flexible and will make you smile.

How to use Health-e headlines

Just cut and paste the monthly stories from the Word document you receive each month onto your intranet or company website, include in daily email messages, create and print or email your own newsletter. Customize with your company or organizational info to create a truly tailored health message.

Health-e headlines Consumer Health News Service is ideal for

  • Do-it-yourself publication managers
  • Small companies with no budget for health promotion but who want to “do something”
  • Managed care groups and EAPs looking for widely diverse health information
  • Multi-site companies challenged to reach employees working onsite, on the road, at home—or anywhere in the world

Try these ideas for using Health-e headlines Consumer Health News Service:

  • Pick the health topics you need, from more than 20 stories each month, based on your health claims data, and drop them into a regular, in-house publication.
  • Work with your medical department, HR staff, trainers, EAP, occupational health and safety experts to create your own tailored health vehicle.
  • Send a story a day in daily email to employees.
  • Set up the daily health feature as part of your corporate sign-in screen on your intranet.
  • Create-your-own health newsletter, add some line art or photos, give it your own look and feel, then copy and distribute within your workplace or organization.
  • Make it interactive with your internal website. Create your own mini-online health information center.

About us

Write On, Inc., is a consumer and corporate health information publisher headquartered in Omaha. Publication editors tap into our team of health promotion and health management experts and consultants, medical researchers, health care practitioners and industry leaders to bring up-to-the-second information to YOU.

Publisher Sandra Wendel, a veteran health journalist, writes for major consumer publications read by millions such as the Healthy Self newsletter published by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine and Inspired Living Omaha’s BeWell column, a special supplement to the Omaha World-Herald. She has contributed to the online consumer content of such highly regarded websites as Mayo Clinic and eMedicine Health.

She edits major books on health and is coauthor (with Dr. Edward T. Creagan of Mayo Clinic) of How NOT to Be My Patient.

From the Publisher …

Interactive feedback from our corporate subscribers helps shape this publication.

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